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Classlerts is a class alert service that instantly alerts you when a spot opens up in a course. Alerts are sent 24-7 via SMS (text message) and/or E-mail, so you never have to worry about full classes again!

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Get your grades up
Still trying to get into that easy class that's always full? Be alerted as soon as someone drops it.

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No more checking for classes- Classlerts will send you a text message instantly after the class opens.

Graduate on time
Struggling to get into courses required for graduation? Don't compete with others- be alerted first!

Loaded with features:

Easily add classes
Save time. Be alerted as soon as the class you want opens via SMS (text message).

Full control panel
Easily add and organize class alerts using our backend system.

Mobile web app
Access your alerts on the go via our mobile web app. Android & iPhone supported. Coming soon.

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